Links: Talking about race more constructively. | December 21, 2010

Privilege denying dude

Much of what I intend to talk about on this blog has to do with white privilege. I have an “accept all comments” philosophy (unless they are offensively crude or entirely inappropriate), and thus welcome the accusations of “reverse racism” and personal attacks (while completely inappropriate) as much as affirmation. My goal, while it is not to  hold hands, is to lead to a better understanding of race in the city and a more sophisticated and complicated way of talking about it. That said, very few people are comfortable talking about race constructively.  Below are a few links I think will help frame these conversations. It’s hard to talk about race without making alot of people very uncomfortable and angry, but the right to shut down discussions about race is a right afforded by white privilege. In the most segregated city in the United States, race is something we certainly need to talk about more constructively, and this is why I write.

Colorblind Ambition: The Rise of Post Racial Politics and the Retreat from Racial Equity

How Privilege Falls in the Land of Opportunity – Huffington Post

Cancer, John Mayer and “Please Don’t Call Me Racist” : Diffusing the R-Bomb – Huffington Post

If America were a game of Monopoly – Abagond  

Privilege Denying Dude and the Fight for the Right to Snark – Colorlines

James O’Keefe’s Latest Prank and the ‘Myth of White Privilege” – The Root

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